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physical therapy in Marblehead MA
Physiotherapy is the medical treatment of physical injuries and disorders and is a process by which physical agents are used to modify, maintain or restore bodily functions. It may be general or local, involve exercise, manipulation such as therapeutic massage, joint mobilization (joints), relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation

A physiotherapist in Marblehead MA will apply these physical agents with in order to improve mobility and decrease pain. They usually work with a client on an ongoing basis. The goals of physiotherapy are to:

The main role of a physiotherapist is to provide care and treatment for people with various musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. They also play a role in physical and occupational therapy. This is particularly true for those people who have amputations or impairment of their mobility as a result of serious injury or illness. Physical therapy is often used to reduce the severity and/or duration of diseases such as paralysis, stroke, cancer or their effects. They also provide treatments for people with arthritis, poor posture, back or joint pain and injuries. They also care for people who are disabled and require special equipment.

Other types of physical therapy include:

North Shore Physiotherapy offers a range of physical therapy programs to address your needs and goals. In addition, we have the expertise in treating adults and children in both our outpatient clinic and hospital-based rehabilitation clinics located in Beverly, Hingham, Hull and Scituate, Massachusetts.

Physical therapy is also offered in Marblehead for individuals who have had a stroke or brain injury. In addition, you can find physical therapy services in Marblehead for people with orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, and shoulder and hip problems.

Other types of physical therapists working in the South Shore area include the following:

Marblehead has many healthcare facilities which offer different types of physiotherapy, including neurology and neurosciences. However, there are also many medical practices that provide physiotherapy via doctor’s offices.

The physical therapist in Marblehead MA will see the client and review his or her medical history and medical progress. They will treat the initial symptoms of an individual’s illness, injuries, or chronic pain that is causing problems. The physiotherapist offers treatment for conditions as varied as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, and back pain. Treatment may include massage therapy to patients with lower back pain or to those affected by arthritis. Occupational therapists provide the same type of care, to patients with limitations in their mobility or in their ability to do their job. Physiotherapists also use exercise therapies that are commonly available at a physiotherapy treatment facility, such as using heat or cold packs on specific muscles to treat pain or stiffness. Other therapies include electrical stimulation or nerve stimulation, as well as laser therapy treatments. It is very important to treat a patient’s symptoms, especially those caused by diseases or injuries, in order to prevent the long-term complications that can result from problems such as these.

Marblehead Physiotherapy can help with:

A physical therapist understands that the physiotherapist works alongside the rest of the team. They have an important role in helping patients and their families during a person’s recovery or rehabilitation process. In addition, they are always there for those who need their assistance physically and mentally. The physical therapist is very important in helping a patient adjust to their new health condition and get back to their previous lifestyle.

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